Trying to find someone in Sweden!

Hi there, I'm trying to find someone in Sweden. Unfortunately, I don't know where in Sweden she lives. Can anyone guide me to where I can possibly look?

Her name is Elizabeth R***. She is in her late 70's or early 80's. I know she has a young grandson named Pedro and she might have a brother that lives in Sweden also.

Any help would be much appreciated.


I found a person with almost the same name:

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Am looking for a person in Sweden by the name of Thomas Robbinson. Around early 40s can u help me out

Am looking for a person in Sweden by the name of Thomas Robbinson. Around early 40s can u help me out

Hi there,i'm trying to find someone in Sweden unfortunately I don't know where I Sweden he lives. Can anyone guide me to where I can possibly look?

My name is Kenny *** the person am trying to find his name is Mr Kent *** hie is in his late 70's to early 80's I know his faith
Father's name is Mr sven ****.

Any help would be much appreciated


gives you access to a lot of information when you type in a name, including birthday and address. Everyone registered in Sweden is pretty much visible on here unless you've chosen to be hidden. But this is something you have to do, otherwise, it is automatic you are available to be found pretty easily :)

I'm looking for my friend Daniel, he's 21 years old, I don't know his last name. He lives in Sweden about 2 hours away from Stockholm. He's a ginger and he lives with his Russian mom who's a specialist nurse. Please help me, he suddenly disappeared and might have done something bad to himself. Please

Those are the websites that normally use in Sweden to find people.
I found Mr Thomas Robinsson but I can not leave his information without his permission unless nikitanne give me some good reasons for that. I found many Kent Johanssons from age 78 to 84 need a middle name to locate the right one. Daniel is one of the most common names in Sweden without a surname it is very hard to locate the right Daniel. However the rule is convince me with some good acceptable reasons to leave their contact information.

I wish I could remember his last name but I don't. Only Daniel. He's very important to me, I only want to know if he's okay.... I've never felt so powerless in my entire life... thanks for those websites... I'll keep looking...

I was given a middle name and that it was he's name. ULOAF and I have photos of him and my mother in Sweden and in Zambia can that help find him or his relatives?

I also have his marriage certificate that shows his bate of birth professional and I have a letter that has an address on it please help me

Hello johhansson,

Name "Uloaf" seems like misspelled "Ulf"  "Olof" "Olov" which are Swedish names derived partly from name "Olaf" which hardly ever use nowadays. If you have his date of birth and an old address it wouldn't be hard to find him.

Yes I think it was and let me send you his photo and photos of all the documents I have maybe it can help a lot

I found a Thomas ****with an age of 45. I could send you the information I found.

johhansson wrote:

Yes I think it was and let me send you his photo and photos of all the documents I have maybe it can help a lot

Look little buddy, In this part of the world there is a law about passing other peoples personal details without their permission, google for this term GDPR

So what I can do for you is find him and then ask him (if any telephone nr is connected to him) for his permission or send your details to him.

However his date of birth is needed and full name include middle names, when you have it send me a PM don't publish it on the open forum!

And you also have to explain why you want to find him and who you are to him.

His my father can you send me your email so that I can send you the information I have

Click on my (handsome :D) profile picture, then you see right below on the right hand side "send message" click on it and send the information of him you have and your own contact information! As soon as I get it I'll make sure you both have each others contact information.

I have tried using way it's not working for me maybe your email address will do 😊


Unfortunately I have some bad news for you. According to the marriage certificate you sent to me he was 46 back then in year 1995 that means he must be 70 years old now but I couldn't find any Kent Johansson who is 70 years old or 68 to 72, there are no any  KJ at all in that older range in Sweden right now, nearest I came was 78 year old Kent Olof Johansson, I called him up and he wasn't the person.   

Possible reasons could be, he has left the country or he has changed the name or he is under a secret identity scheme (because of many reasons some people do get permission for that) or he is under the care of government personals (hospitalized for long term basis, in jail etc.) and there could be more other reasons too which I don't want to speculate.

I checked on all three sites that I have posted earlier on this thread you also can double check it. I'm sorry bro!


I am looking for an online friend of mine from the past. Her name is (was) Maria Kroon and she had a daughter called Aurora. She used to play World of Warcraft around 2007. I don't know anything else about her that could be useful. I have a few pictures of her but I'm not going to post them here.

If anyone has a good idea how to find her please let me know.



Welcome to the forum :)  I posted the three major websites in Sweden, where one can easily find anyone who is registered in the country, please check the post number 9 in this thread you find it there. I guess the name of the person you seek is pretty common so you may have to go one by one until you find the right one. Good luck on your search!

Hi, my name is Tameika Grant and I am seeking assistance in locating a friend of the family. His name is David Fernstrom believed to be about 47-48 years old and resides somewhere in Sweden. His birthday is around February 4th -6th. We met while he was visiting the island Jamaica back in 1999, been 20 solid years now. We took him to the airport for departure to Sweden on December 9th or 10th of 1999 and that was the last we've seen him. Any help in locating him would be greatly appreciated. Thanks In advance.

Why don't you try those websites I have posted, it's very easy and free of charge. However there are not many David Fernström in Sweden right now, only six of them and the oldest one was 37 years old. But I may have missed since I checked it very quickly but you can keep on searching! Cheers!

Thank you so much. Will keep trying.

David also mentioned that he has a sister who is older than he is.  Her name is Cecilia and a brother by the name Andre. Once again not sure if I'm even spelling these names correctly according to the swedish way.

Hey, I have tried the three websites above but without luck!

I'm trying to find my grandmother, she's called Raya Boman.

Would be in her 70s now and was in the UK in 1960s, cannot find anything about her now! :(

Any advise?

Hello, Welcome to the forum!
It is highly unlikely that someone was born in 1940s from any part of the world would only have one given name, rather, more than one and on top of it they sometimes have double names with a dash between two names . And the surname Boman sometimes can spell with H Bohman. And it is good to have a more specific date of birth.

So the advice would be, get your facts straight. However there are 163 females between age 70 to 72 have Boman/Bohman as the surname and only one with Raya as a given name but not with the right surname. And sometimes Boman can also spell with double N.

Good luck on your search!

1993 was in a relationship with a Swedish girl we got lost suddenlyhe stayed and worked
in the american bars in chania crete he left the chania of crete early October  and I found out after so many years through a mutual friend we had  after years and she told me a story about this girl that before she left Sweden she was looking for me to tell me that she was pregnant but I was in the army then I had run away to exercise  as a result I was late to return to Chania

and she had fled  I have not seen her again I only remember her name the  alexantra or sandra
and her age between 18 --- 20
that is, I am looking for a girl named Sandra Or Alexandra who lived in Crete in 1993 in Chania en work in the American bars in the port in Chania and left in October for Sweden
and I have another question how can I see the birth records in sweden
to see what children were born in the months of March April May June 1994  a child was born and declared a Greek father or fatherlessfor   for  girl  Alejandra or Sandra who is between 18 and 20 years old

Hello, welcome to the forum!
If you can find out the bar she worked for and from there her full name and date of birth, you will probably be able to find her here through the websites I have posted earlier in this thread.

That is the most easiest way since 27640 people have Alexandra as a given name, and 28917 people have Sandra as a given name in Sweden right now.

112257 babies were born in Sweden in year 1994, in those months approximately 30000 (to know exact figures would take many hours of searching) So once again it is much better to focus on her former employer in Chania. Good luck on your search!

Good day!
I am looking for a person named Jason Warner.. His age around 35.he live in gottenburg...
Hope someone find him for me

I will be visiting Sweden in early September and want to locate a person named Rolf Engwall who was an exchange student and lived with my family.  He would be about 68 years old.  The last I knew he was living in Malmo.

Hello cjohnson727, There are only 13 people with that name in Sweden right now and only one of them is 68 years old so it is very easy for you to locate him. You have needed websites to do it on the post number 9 on this thread. It is better you do it from a computer and google translate will be helpful as a tool. Good luck!

Hello, I am searching for a friend. I know their name, approximate age & know a bit about them and their family. However, I cannot find them on any of the three search pages listed here. I do think I've potentially found some of their family members (it is an uncommon spelling of the surname). Is there a good way to know whether my friend has passed away or is possibly a swedish expat living abroad before contacting their relatives?

I'm trying to find someone too    Did you find your friend?  If so, how.  I've been posting here for over a year   Thank you.

Hello guys, I'm looking for someone as well in Sweden. Her name is Cecilia. Unfortunately I cant remember the surname otherwise I wouldn't be posting here for help.

However, she has a husband called Klas and three kids namely John, Elin and Mimmi. Should probably be in her 60s+

She sponsored all my schooling, would love to reconnect.

I'd be happy if someone could help.

How can I reach a man whose name I don't know? The man is about 40 years old, lives near Stockholm and works in the wine industry. He was on Viking Grace from April 9-10, 2022. He was at the same party in my friend's cabin and served us e.g. Prosecco. Personally, I'm not on Facebook, for example.
I am looking for my half-brother who quite probably doesnt know I exist.
His name is Justin Mill, his mother is from Thailand who married a Swedish national, Im guessing while pregnant, with the sirname Johansen. I only know her nickname, which was Nui. Justin's biological father was Australian. He is 19 or 20 years old, born 2002/2003. I dont know if he has swedish siblings, or where he might live.
Id be very grateful for any suggestions on how to narrow the search


I am searching more information and truth about a Clement Augustine ***born 08-27-69 as he claimed and professed to be a drilling engineer. his number is ***. Address: Smalandsgatan ***, Sweden. I am trying to locate and get the contact number of his mother whose name he said was Caroline Petterson, 78 years old who also lives in an assisted living facility in Sweden.

Please help me find them and get answers soon.

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